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I am for the crazy about each-otherfun loving, path less taken kind of couples! If you crave adventure, love road tripping together, and spend your days dreaming of where to explore next, look no further because I AM YOUR GIRL

I want to help your vision come to life, so lets chase that daylight to the ends of the earth (OK, FINE we will 'settle' with the mountains, oceans, & deserts). 

I am taking on limited Weddings for 2019 - 2020 so I am able to focus more time on giving each couple the best experience possible, along with spending more time doing the other things I love with the people I love. So, if you really feel a connection to my work, and think that we might be a great fit for each-other, shoot a message my way! I would love to get to know your unique love story, so I can tell it better back to you through photos!


PORTLAND, OR based Destination Wedding Photographer